IPTV And Metadata: What Does The Future Hold?

IPTV is Using Data in New and Innovative Ways

In today’s media landscape, consumers not only have a large variety of choices when it comes to the content they are able to view, they also have a wide variety of choice in the way that they can physically watch that content. Before the computer became an ubiquitous home accessory, individuals were limited in how, when, and where they were able to consume media broadcasts. For decades, if people were not in their homes when a particular show came on television, they simply missed it. This issue was relieved somewhat with the introduction of the VCR and the ability for people to record programs, however, people were still forced to view media on a large, stationary television. As we all know, this way of watching shows and movies no longer applies to a large number of people. Increasingly, people are viewing media content on mobile devices and computers and foregoing the television set all together. While IPTV has been around for a while, it is only quite recently that the hardware has caught up with the software allowing people this freedom. In today’s post, we here at Setplex wanted to take moment to talk about another facet of IPTV that is quickly becoming the most important aspect of the entire industry.

What do Your Viewing Habits Say About You?

Through the extensive gathering of data on users and subscribers, IPTV companies have compiled massive amounts of data about their customers. These companies know what people watch, when they watch it, how long they watch it, what they watch after certain shows, which genres they tend to gravitate towards and multiple other statistics that allow them to better understand a particular user’s preferences. Some providers have gotten so proficient at understanding their clients, that they have started to use their clients’ preferences as a way to decide which shows they should invest in and which shows they should not. By simply studying user data, these companies are literally molding their business practices around consumers so that they can provide the most desireable content to the largest number of people. However, all of this data isn’t just being utilized by providers, it’s also being used by advertisers.

Think about the ads that you see on a daily basis. If you’re watching traditional television, the ads probably cover a wide range of services and products, very few of which might actually interest you. Now, take a moment and think about the advertisements you see when you use the internet. We here at Setplex are willing to bet that these ads are much more focused on your interests and, in many cases, actually show things that you are interested in. These internet ads are no coincidence and have been carefully constructed and curated by websites in the hopes that you will click on one of these ads and actually purchase the product. While this practice has been prevalent on the internet for quite some time now, the same contextual ad strategy is starting to utilized by the IPTV industry. Providers want to deliver ads that are specific to a person’s interest because, in theory, people are more likely to purchase something through an ad if it is something that they have interest in. While this is an obvious move on the part of the IPTV industry, IPTV is poised to take even this concentrated advertising strategy a step further.

Is Video Metadata the Future?

Imagine for a second that you are watching a show at home through your IPTV provider, whatever that service may be. You come to a scene in the show where the characters are enjoying a pizza and, quite suddenly, a small advertisement appears in the left corner of the device you are watching the show on for your favorite pizza place. Whether you find this scenario to be convenient or creepy, we here at Setplex feel that it is the future of IPTV advertising. Increasingly, IPTV providers are using in video context such as the mood of the scene, characters, scenarios, and ascribing meta data to these moments. This metadata can be as specific as placing keywords within the video that describe each moment of the video or can take a broader approach and simply ascribe descriptive keywords to a specific time interval of the video. With this metadata in place, advertisers will be able to run contextual ads in relation to the video being watched, further increasing the chances that a potential customer will click on them. While this practice is not particularly widespread at the moment, it is this blogger’s opinion that metadata is the future of advertising in IPTV.

While the majority of the general public is still unaware that video metadata is starting to be utilized for targeted advertising, the widespread use of this practice will  begin to make it more known. Who knows, in the not so distant future, a user’s personal data may be used in conjunction with video metadata to create a hyper-specific ad that would really only be an effective ad on the person that is viewing it at that time. Perhaps mobile ads will be tweaked to consider a person’s geographic location, as well as their past purchases and the content of the show they are currently watching to provide an ad that, in any other context, would make no sense to display. Where does this leave the world of advertising is anyone’s guess, however, it cannot be denied that IPTV is the catalyst that was needed to start this reaction.

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Top Ten Things to Love About Nora IPTV Software

Nora is sophisticated IPTV software that delivers content to consumers from the internet. Technically, it’s considered “middleware,” because it bridges the gap between applications and an operating system. We worked hard to create both a front-end and end-user experience that pleases everyone, and according to the feedback we’re getting about our IPTV software, we’ve done it. There is so much to love about Nora, but here are the top ten things that sets it apart from other options available on the market.

10 Things to Love About Nora IPTV Software

  1. It transforms a standard television into a media center.
    A lot of consumers are reluctant to give up their old television set in order to buy newer smart TVs with built-in functionality. Maybe they only bought their standard television a few years ago and don’t want to reinvent in a new one, or maybe they think that the way they watch live TV now is just fine. In either case, Nora can help. This IPTV software can turn any television into a sophisticated media entertainment center, even if it’s not a so-called “smart TV.”
  2. Flexible solutions for both telecom and cable operators.
    We wanted to make sure that our IPTV software worked for everyone. That’s why we made sure that it will work perfectly for both telecom and cable operators. You’ll get a flexible IPTV software that can be customized to both you and your customers’ needs.
  3. Delivers an incredible user experience.
    IP television shouldn’t be anymore complicated than turning on your television to watch traditional television. Our IPTV software has an intuitive interface that helps consumers find the programming that they want on all the different ways of finding it, whether that’s through an app, Live TV, or another method. New users will be navigating the system like experts in just minutes.
  4. Works with a variety of set top boxes.
    We know there are a lot of set top boxes out there available for businesses and consumers, but not all of them have the kind of IPTV software you’d want. That’s why we made sure that you can use Nora on a huge variety of set top boxes, so you can get the boxes that you want and pair it with the software you need. The end result is a system that’s right for your company and your customers.
  5. Brings favorite online media right to your television.
    There are so many ways to get media entertainment now and most of them are on the internet. The problem is how many websites, apps, and other delivery methods there are to choose from. Nora brings them all to your television so you can enjoy them in one, easy-to-use platform.
  6. Adaptable design can adjust to bring new features to consumers.
    Times change and you need an IPTV software that can change with it. Nora can do that for you. This IPTV software is adaptable and can change to meet the evolving needs of your business. Want to roll out a new feature? Nora makes it easy to adjust the user experience and introduce those new features and benefits.
  7. Customizable to meet consumer’s needs.
    As well as being customizable for businesses, Nora is an IPTV that’s customizable for the consumer’s needs, too. You’ll be able to set up an interface that delivers exactly what customers need, all in an intuitive design that makes it easy to deliver media to their television.
  8. Easy billing system is easy to integrate with your current system.
    Nora can handle your billing for you. Whether you use a monthly subscription service or a pay-per-view system, Nora takes care of everything. You’ll be able to capture customer information and payments easily and send the information to your own system, making it flawlessly simply for both you and the consumer.
  9. Allows consumers to control live TV.
    Consumers can control live television with features that allow them to pause live TV and resume it when they are ready. This is a highly in-demand feature for consumers and one they’ll appreciate a lot with their busy lifestyles.
  10. It’s available now.
    You can start using Nora today. If you’ve been searching for IPTV software for your set top box or need a complete system for content delivery from start to finish, Nora is an important part of that equation. You no longer have to wait to find a high-quality software that does everything you need. Nora is ready to get to work now!

Are you interested in learning more about using Nora for your content delivery system? Get in touch with us today and learn more. We can answer any questions you might have about the software or show you more feature and benefits to prove this is the IPTV software that you need. Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started.

Why Choose IPTV?

What Benefits Does IPTV Offer?

Television is changing. For decades people have had to deal with large cable providers to deliver content to their television sets, however, this model is currently being disrupted by new innovations in technology. Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have made large gains in the home entertainment market and, if the current trends continue, are set to disrupt the traditional cable model even further. Here at Setplex, we believe that Internet Protocol television is the future for delivering content to the televisions of the world. In today’s post we wanted to talk a little bit about what Internet Protocol television is, how it is being used, and why we feel that it is a better model for delivering media for both media producers and media consumers.

What is Internet Protocol Television?

Although the name might sound rather technical, Internet Protocol television is a simple concept. Rather than receiving television signals as broadcast signals that enter your home through an antenna, fiber-optic cable, or satellite, IPTV allows the viewer to stream media content to their television through their internet connection. Increases in broadband speed and innovations in technology have finally made IPTV a viable alternative to traditional media delivery methods. With IPTV, viewers are able to watch their favorite shows and movies from a multitude of devices including laptops, smart phones, tablets, and televisions. IPTV has made it more convenient to consume your favorite media content more than any other time in history.

What are the Benefits of Internet Protocol Television?

The most obvious benefit that IPTV offers is that it allows viewers to watch their favorite programs pretty much anywhere or anytime at a price that is usually quite a bit cheaper than a traditional cable package. Most streaming services are priced at around ten dollars a month and offer subscribers thousands of titles to choose from. Before IPTV became a viable form of media delivery, consumers were forced to purchase cable packages that may or may not include programs that they actually wanted to watch. IPTV has given viewers the opportunity to “unbundle” the programs that they want to watch from a bloated cable package, and has made it possible for people to enjoy their favorite shows without having to pay for additional programming that they may have no interest in.

Is IPTV a Better Media Delivery Method Than Cable or Satellite?

Although we may be a little biased, we here at Setplex whole heartedly believe that Internet Protocol television is a better way to both deliver and consume media than other more traditional methods. IPTV has allowed viewers to shed the shackles of bloated, over-priced cable packages and has made it possible for people to pay only for those programs that they wish to view. Additionally, as streaming services like Netflix have shown, IPTV has provided a new avenue for people to get their television show or movie funded and streamed to audiences. Netflix has plut out a wide variety of original series that may not have been able to produced five years ago. By taking chances on shows that the large cable networks would not or could not produce, Netflix is starting to establish itself as a real player in the television production world.

The Future of IPTV

If current trends are any indication of the future of IPTV, we believe it is safe to say that this sector of media delivery is only going to keep growing. People have seen the benefits that IPTV has over traditional media delivery methods and demand is only set to increase as more and more people “cut the cord”. It is now estimated that around one in five households in the United States have completely ditched cable or satellite and receive the majority of their media content through streaming and IPTV services. As the producer of the world’s first end-to-end IPTV solution, we find this data to be very exciting news.
To learn more about IPTV or the products that we offer visit our website today. At Setplex we don’t just offer a streaming set top box, we offer Middleware, Encoders, Downlink/Collocation, and full installation and training of the IPTV solution with 24/7 monitoring of all equipment. When you are ready to experience the full potential of IPTV contact the experts at Setplex.